Knitting suggestions for the Advents 2022

The idea of the Advents for Hanukkah started, the first december after making Aliyah from Denmark. I as a child, grew up with the traditional advent, you get a small present every day from Dec. 1st till Dec. 24th (including)

So when December came, I ofcourse started by having small presents for my boys, at that time they were 3 years and the other only 6 months old. They ofcourse loved the concept, but when we made it to the 24th. It was with a very empty feeling.... No big family meeting, dinner, presents, holiday, anything!!! It was just a normal day of going to the gan. I can do a lot, but bringing the entire spirit of Christmas around, is a bit too much I must admit. 

It drove me crazy, cause how could I make a tradition that would give the boys some of my upbringing too? So after a lot of thinking I decided to just connect my favorite parts of my Danish childhood christmas, to Hannukkah - And the Hannukkah Advent was born. I have done it every year since and the boys still love it today! They are now 10 and 13, plus number three who is 4.

After I started my Yarn business, I had to make a yarn calender aswell. Cause I mean, who doesnt like small presents?! 2021 was the first year and it was so much fun!

Here I have added a few suggestions for possible projects, and I obviosly would love to see what you're all making! You can use the hashtag #adventsbyamalie so I can find you all.

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!




Noon Peak by Ursula Almeida

Sea Glass Hat by Wool and Pine

Picacho Peak by Alyssa Latuchie

Klippan Hat by Sari Nordlund

Shawl, scarfs and such:

Grevillia Shawl by Ambah O'Brien

Leftover City by Kacey Herlihy

Lamina Cowl & Wrap by Ambah O'Brien

ZickZack Scarf by Christy Kamm

Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart

Mini Patch Cowl by Chit Chat Knits


Advents Socks 2022 by Natalie Sheldon

I believe any sock pattern could be used, and then stripes can be added.