Shop Update on May 9th at 20:00 GMT+3

The next Shop Update is coming soon!

I am happy to announce that the next Shop Update will be on

Sunday May 9th at 20:00 GMT+3

There will be some bases that I havent had before, and that I am more than happy, to finally share with you all.


The other thing added to this Update, is that I am starting my knitting meetings again. Due to the Covid-19, and the fact that we moved, it has been way to long since we have met. This time its called Meet 'n' Knit, you need to reserva spot, which you do by ordering through the online shop.

The event is still free, but is limited to 4 participants other than myself.

Time and date will be announced on May 9th together with all the rest.

Hope to see you.


(Edited May 9th)