I AM TAKING THE HOLIDAYS OFF - Therefore, all orders made between Dec. 21st - Dec. 30th will be shipped on Jan. 1st.

Shop Update Preview.

There will be 4 bases for this update.

Woolton - 50% Cotton / 50% sw Merino 
Tencel - 50% Tencel / 50% sw Merino 
Pure Silk - 100% Mulberry Silk NSW
BFL Sock - 75% sw BFL / 25% nylon
Woolton - Rocky Sands Tencel - Midsummer Sunset  
Rocky Sands              Midsummer Sunset.       Summer Blues
Apricots                           Summer Blues                Rocky Sands
Mediterranean.                Floral                               Mediterranean 
Floral.                       Apricots
My favorite ice cream with sprinkles