Tip for the perfect hat.

If you don't know her yet, you definetely should check out Inga's podcast. 

She shows all of her projects and share a great varity of patterns, knits and yarn. She is located in beautiful Norway and everytime she pronounces something in Norwegian, my heart melts. For those of you who doesn't know. I lived for half a year in Tromsø, northern Norway. I studied social antropology and had the most amazing time that you can imagine. So Norway has quite a large chunk of my heart.

So if you like knitting and beautiful things, start watching her podcast. She just knitted a gorgeus har with my Organic NON-superwah merino, dyed with Eucalyptus. 

Inga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK9uWw0uWYk

Pattern: https://www.purlsoho.com/create/2015/09/25/color-dipped-hat/

Yarn: https://byamalie.com/collections/all/products/natural-eucalyptus-ba-11-21

See you.