Welcome to by Amalie. My name is Anna Amalie, was born and grew up in Denmark, later fell in love, and now living, in Israel. Here I normally go by Anna, since having two names is not that common around here.

I started by Amalie in order to bring high quality yarn to Israel. During my studies at Shenkar, I found it very hard to buy yarn, that could live up to the quality that I wanted. As a knitter I only want to use yarn, that I know will last. Knitting a piece takes a long time, and whats it worth if it doesn't last?

As I dyer, I both dye with low-impact acid dyes and with dyes that I make myself, from Eucalyptus trees we have at the end of our small road. The water I use during the dyeing process is recycled several times, and also use water collected from our drying machine and aircondition. All in order to make the least impact as possible on the environment around me. When that is said, I also have my sustainable collection, which you can read more about under "sustainability" in the head menu.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in by Amalie.

-Anna Amalie


 All my wool is mulesing free.