The first meeting is set up in Tel Aviv!
This is the link for the event on facebook: 
Just to try and keep track of how many will arrive. 
Hope to meet a lot of you!
There is nothing like a knitting community. We can be all so different, but when you knit together, you stay together. I have found thats theres nothing stronger, than your knitting friends.
That is why I will do what I can, to make the knitting community in Israel stronger. I will have surden days that we will meet on a monthly basis, days that will be on a weekly basis and I would also like to try and set up meeting in different places all over the country.
I will announce the time, date and place here once I get it all organized. 
In the meantime I would love to hear from you! Where are you from, can you meet in the mornings or are evenings better.
See you all soon!
(The meetings are FREE of charge)